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Take 5

Take 5 is an NCHA life skills programme which is available to individuals receiving staff support. It helps to evidence positive aspects of day-to-day living and movement towards independent living by you.

It does this by providing the materials to record development (or demonstration) of everyday skills. There are five groups to choose from: 

  • Be Healthy 
  • Stay Safe 
  • Enjoy & Achieve 
  • Make a Positive Contribution 
  • Achieve Economic Well-Being

These groups are broken down into 36 modules, each with 3 levels. You can choose the module (or modules) and the level you want to do, or complete all three - it is entirely up to you.

Lots of different activities can provide evidence for your modules. For example, you could show that you: 

  • have improved your diet, or can look after your physical health 
  • know about road safety, or can keep yourself safe in relationships 
  • can develop your literacy & numeracy skills 
  • can control your anger, or communicate effectively 
  • can budget your money, or work towards becoming debt free

These are just a few of the options available and all could help to increase self confidence and opportunities to demonstrate personal development.

There is no time limit - you can work at your own pace and NCHA certificates are issued for successfully assessed modules.

All materials are provided by NCHA, including the module folder documents, work sheets and learning materials.

For more information, speak to your support worker.

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