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A complete care package

We understand that there are times in life where you might need a helping hand, but not every situation is the same. That’s why we offer different services to suit individual needs and help people achieve their personal goals.

Each care plan is personalised to the individual and no two care plans are the same.

Staying Safe 

Want peace of mind in case of a fall? Feel a bit anxious sometimes when home alone?

We believe prevention is better than cure. Our services are dedicated to giving people the support to maintain independence, improve safety and prevent accidents at home, including:
  • 24/7 support
  • A range of alerts and sensors
  • Home visits from support workers for regular well-being checks
  • Health and safety checks e.g. fire alarm testing

Healthy Living

Want to eat healthily but struggle with cooking?

Our combined services can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while living independently, through:
  • Home visits from support workers for regular well-being checks
  • Help with meal planning and preparation
  • Help with hospital discharge arrangements
  • Medication reminders
  • Help picking up shopping
We monitor for signs of deterioration in health, poor diet or nutrition during our home visits, so problems can be dealt with before they become a crisis.

Being involved

Want to keep in touch with family and friends? Would you like to get out more but can’t do it on your own?

We understand that being connected to what’s going on in the wider world is essential. It reduces loneliness, improves overall mental well-being and provides a sense of purpose.

Supported visits help to you get you out doing the things you love, like visiting family and friends or going to bingo

Managing your home

Need help around the house? Want some assistance with bills and budgeting?

Running a home and keeping on top of everything can be a challenge and often causes anxiety or worry to you or your family. Our support workers can help with:
  • Getting up and dressed
  • Cleaning, washing, laundry and daily household chores
  • Money management; advising on bills and benefits

Freeing up family time

NCHA Care provides independence, dignity and respect. Our services don’t replace family and friends’ support but they can significantly enhance it. We realise that care can be a worry and it often falls to the person who lives closest. With a tailored combination of care and support, we can help families spend more quality time together to focus on each other, rather than on reminders or jobs around the house.

Find out more

We are just a phone call away, so why not contact us on 03330 000 320 for an informal chat about the support you or your loved one might need now or in the future?

Alternatively, email for more information.