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Click on the links below to read testimonials from the various services we offer, or scroll down the page to read them all.

Domestic violence
Home care
Learning difficulties
Mental health
Older persons
Telecare and assistive technology
Young persons

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Domestic Violence

"The Children’s Worker helped me to find a local school and she was really good with the kids. She did all sorts of activities with them, arranging events and trips with other service users and giving me some space to think. It was great, they were doing arts and craft, cooking and drawing and they were happy, which gave me some peace of mind. She’s very good at her job. She would ask them how they feel and they would open up to her. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She’s brilliant, an amazing person.
Her and Penny help women like me, day and night, to start all over again and make us feel proud of ourselves. They give us the strength and confidence to make a better life for us and our kids. I’ve received so much support from staff at Umuada. I’ve been here six months now and life is getting better. The kids are doing well at school, they’ve made new friends and so have I." 
Service user - Umuada

"I have lived at Octavia House for 3 months and am moving on now. When I came to Octavia House I hadn't been in a refuge before and thought it would be full of 'down and outs' and 'drug users', but it hasn't been that way.
The support I have had has been brilliant, staff have been there for me when I needed it. The support has helped me to feel more confident about myself and my abilities, and to get my own home. I have also been helped to get support with my children. Being at Octavia House has put me back on my feet. The support has helped me to appreciate my children, given me a good bond with them and helped me to be the best mum that I can be.
I had been asking for support in my home town before I came here and never got it. While I have been here I have received all the support I have needed and have made some friends. Octavia House is a lovely place and my children have settled and found some stability here.
I am looking forward to moving on to my own home and staff have arranged for my support with the children to continue."
S.W. - Octavia House

"I feel so safe here at Umuada. The staff give you support - but also space. There is no pressure. Ideal if you are, like me, a private person. For the first time in years, I have my own money. I am free to practice my religion - surely a basic human right. I am so grateful for the chance to relax, breathe and take stock. To think I thought my life was over: I despaired of ever being free. Now, I am being treated with dignity and respect."
Sofia - Umuada

"My situation had got so bad being in an abusive marriage for the past 10 years that I had to leave home. I couldn't tolerate the abuse and violence that my husband was putting me through day and night. I was scared of him and never had the confidence to walk out, but on 9th August 2010 I finally found the courage to leave. While he was at work I grabbed some clothes for me and the kids, got in my car and drove off. I went to the Housing Benefit Office and explained my situation and she made a few phone calls to find me a safe place to go. She finally found me a place at the Umuada refuge in Nottingham.
The refuge is big and warm and I felt relief and a sense of calm. Staff gave me a welcome pack and showed us to our room. She explained that if I wanted to talk to someone in the night then I can press the buzzer in my room and it will connect to SMaRT staff who provide support when Umuada staff go home at night. I was given a keyworker called Penny who helped me sort out my benefits, bills and change of address. She talked to me about how I was feeling and how the kids were adjusting.
I've been here 6 months now and coming to Umuada was the best thing I ever did, it's helped me get back on track with my life and made anything possible."
Service user - Umuada

"Being at Derbyshire WISH has turned my life around, I am away from the abusive relationship, I am a lot stronger and confident and soon I will be free from drugs and medication."
Service user - Derbyshire WISH

Home care

Relatives we spoke with told us they felt the person was safe with the staff supporting them. They said, "He's happy with all the staff – he would tell us if he wasn't.", and, "Yes, he's safe, I've nothing at all to worry about."
Extract from CQC Report on Home Care services in Derbyshire


"My name is Jack Spicer, I now reside at William Street. Before I came here I was homeless and a drug addict. Living at William Street has changed my life in many ways. I go to Adaction every week, but soon I’ll be there for 4 days a week, cooking meals and talking to other addicts. I was an heroin addict for two years, I’ve now been clean for eight weeks.
Also since living at William Street I have become House Rep (meetings and advisor).
The staff at William Street are brilliant and helpful, if I hadn’t got into William Street I’d still be using drugs or be dead.
Thanks to the staff at William Street."
Jack Spicer - LH Grantham.

"When I arrived the staff made me very welcome. I knew one of them, Jill, from a homeless project. The staff got me some clothes, soap, a razor and a new bed. It was like all my birthdays had come at once. Emma showed me the bathroom, and there I got rid of all my unwanted creatures! I shaved my beard off and got into clean dry clothes. I felt on top of the world."
Ian Walker

"The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They help to change your life for the better and I can`t thank them enough for all the support they have given me the past year and 4 months."
Becky Louise Jones

Learning Disabilities

I have lived here for two years. I like it here, it is my future. I have got friends to talk to and staff to talk to and we have a cat. I like my room. I like our house meetings." Anne Jones - The Wells Road 

I just wanted to provide you some feedback in regards to a service user that has recently moved into your project. The service user in question has made brilliant progress to such an extent that it is hard to believe it is the same person. She has gained her independence and the support she receives from your staff has made all the difference. From being totally reliant on others to look after her, the service user has developed more confidence and is able to manage, to a certain extent, her own personal care. The Service user has attempted to live in residential care previously, but this failed. This was demonstrated by her consistent attempts to run away. Since moving into your project she has never expressed a desire to return home. This I believe is due to the level of care that you have provided. Her social isolation has been addressed and she has told me that she now enjoys going out with the staff and other residents. I just wanted to give you this feedback and to let you know that I would not hesitate to refer other service users to your project.
Roy McCaulay - commissioner

One person's care file was decorated with part of the old table cloth as this had been one of their favourite things. Staff told us having it on their file helped them adapt to a new tablecloth. Another person using the service had cushion covers that had been made from old curtains. Staff told us that this helped these people adjust to the tablecloth and the curtains being changed. This meant that care was being planned and delivered with the individual people using the service.
Extract from CQC report on Wells Road Care Home

Mental Health

"I came here in October 2008, I had mental health problems as well as drug and alcohol issues. The staff have always been there for me, interested in what my drug worker had to say, plus they help me get my head straightened out with my medication. If it was not for the project I would probably be dead now. They came to meetings with me and kept me safe when I wanted to die. I used to self harm which I have not done now for at least three or four months. The staff are proud of me for this and have always been great helping me recover from my drug, alcohol and mental health issues."Steven Morris - Forest Road

"I think NCHA is a brilliant organisation for people like me. The structure and procedures make sense to me and are for my benefit. If I did not have the support my life would be very different and not in a good way. Dale Street is a very good project and I am fortunate to be a part of it."
Service user - Dale Street

"Last December I wrote an article for InSight about my experiences. I wanted to send a message of hope, to tell anyone reading this who has mental health or drug problems not to give up. The last paragraph of my article told how I has just started a college course and had begun speaking at conferences. I said my future was getting brighter. I was right - my future did get brighter and remains so. "
Ian Walker - Ex All Saints

Older Persons 

"Just very happy to live here. Feel very lucky with the help I get."

Telecare and Assistive Technology

“I have been delighted with the service. I feel at ease knowing there is always someone at the end of the phone. It’s a comfort to know that someone is there when you go to bed at night.”
Betty Goodman, Boughton

“Everytime we have had need to use the panic button we have had an immediate response and been reassured by follow up calls. Smart is an excellent service. I can’t see anyway you can improve.”
Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Bulwell

“When I needed them Smart were on the ball straightaway. I think Smart are brilliant to be honest. It’s a comfort to know there is always someone there. When they contact me for safe and well checks I feel that I have not been forgotten.”
Judy Dolby, Newark

“I think it’s a great service when I’ve had to use it and I got on with the people I spoke to. They made time to have a chat. There are no problems, it’s easy to get in touch and I think it is really useful.”
Raymond Cross, Newark

“I live on my own but I am not bothered because I have my pendant, my trust is with it. I trust in it completely.”
Doris Bradley, Norwell

“It’s nice to know there is someone at the end of the line even though I am well at the moment. It’s a nice system, they are all nice people and are friendly.”
Mary Homer, Newark

Young Persons

"Help set you up on your feet so you know what is coming in the big bad world"
Corey Dixon - Grantham Foyer

"Staff have helped to show me the way forward in dealing with my problems that I struggle with and also supporting me to look after my flat."
Danielle Nadollek - Grantham Foyer

“Living at Stamford YP has made me more confident and has motivated me into working towards my future goals”
Gavin Cassles - Stamford Young Persons

"I enjoyed doing my Take 5 module because I liked the fact that I chose it and could look back at what I had done getting ready for independent living, and use it as evidence. When I had a keywork session with staff I had the chance to talk about different things that I could use, other than what was in my support plans.
It's also given me another certificate showing that I've done something positive while I've been with NCHA. I would recommend Take 5 to other people, because it helps to build your confidence up and feel more independent."
Ashley Edwards - Cobwell Road

"Without NCHA's Bond Scheme I would not have been able to move into my own home. I think it's a great scheme for me and other young people. Thank you for all the help I have had getting my home."
Melanie - Raleigh Street

"Determination and help from NCHA have helped me to achieve something amazing, from sleeping rough, to going to university!"
Tony Cook - Corporation Oaks

"I would really like to thank the staff at Wright Wilson Street and raise awareness of what they do for young people. They have helped me turn my life around."
Ian Campbell - Retford Young Persons Scheme

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